The All-Ireland MS research network (AIMS-RN) was established in February 2021, to connect MS researchers on the island of Ireland, with the unifying objective of achieving our mission. AIMS-RN will focus on supporting research that targets disease progression in MS.

AIMS Research Network

The activities of the network will be delivered through 4 strands:

Deliver cutting-edge research in MS that focuses on limiting disease progression.

Train future MS researchers and leaders.

Communicate MS research discoveries and results to the public, to the research community and to key stakeholders.

Collaborate on MS research programmes nationally and internationally to achieve the mission of the Network, working with people with MS as primary partners.



To support collaborative research, including collaboration with people with MS, across the island of Ireland that holds potential to limit the progression of MS, to train future generations of MS researchers and to contribute to global MS research.


The AIMS-RN will create a research community on the island of Ireland that provides a supportive environment, enhancing collaboration (including people with MS), transparency and sharing of ideas, knowledge and resources for MS research. This, in turn, will lead to the delivery of collaborative and cutting-edge biomedical, health science and clinical research in the field. This will raise the profile of Irish MS research globally.

You can download our flier here.
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Image credits: Dr Alerie Guzman de la Fuente & Nira de la Vega Gallardo.
Logo & Graphics: Maciej Doczyk.