All Ireland Multiple Sclerosis (AIMS) Research Network

 AIMS Research Network
Mission: To support collaborative research across the island of Ireland that holds potential to prevent MS, limit its progression, mitigate potential negative impacts, train future generations of MS researchers and contribute to global MS research.

Scope: The Network will focus on supporting research that explores molecular mechanisms underpinning the disease and the experiences of those affected by MS. This will include research with potential to prevent, slow, halt or reverse MS, and/or research that can inform the development of supports for people with MS. The activities of the network will be delivered through 4 strands:

    1. Deliver cutting-edge research in MS.
    2. Train future MS researchers and leaders.
    3. Communicate MS research activities and discoveries to the public, research community and key stakeholders.
    4. Collaborate on MS research programmes nationally and internationally to achieve the mission of the Network.

Aim: Our central aim is to connect MS researchers on the island of Ireland, with the unifying objective of achieving our mission.

Ethos: We are a collaborative, transparent and supportive network that seeks to achieve our mission through sharing our expertise, resources and global networks with each other and with new members that share this ethos. To achieve our mission, it is expected that existing and new members work together through regular meeting attendance, participation in research-focussed events (e.g. research symposia, public engagement initiatives) and where possible, support collaborative studies and training initiatives within the network.


Image credits: Dr Alerie Guzman de la Fuente & Nira de la Vega Gallardo.
Logo & Graphics: Maciej Doczyk.