AIMS-RN – Sustainability

 AIMS Research Network
Cognisant of the urgent need to mitigate our climate and biodiversity crisis, AIMS-RN researchers are committed to implementing, as far as possible, sustainable practices in their research and daily activities. These efforts are aimed at educating researchers about their own behaviours and attitudes in relation to the climate and biodiversity poly-crisis, while pointing to opportunities to reduce the negative impact that their research has on the environment. AIMS-RN members are drawn from a broad range of disciplines, including immunology and neuroscience, physio- and occupational therapies, neurology, neurophysiology and nursing. Public-patient involvement and advocacy for MS Research are also core research themes.

In the context of lab-based research, sustainability efforts aim to reduce the use of energy & water, minimise lab waste and apply the 12 principles of green synthetic & analytical chemistry. To aid in the implementation of sustainable practices within labs, pursuit of Green Lab Certification programmes is recommended. The Table below provides links to a range of recommended resources and community supports relating to sustainability.

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